‘Team 7’ Tower Hamlets Community Champion 2021 has been awarded.

‘Team 7’ Tower Hamlets Community Champion 2021 has been awarded.
The Tower Hamlet Council has awarded ‘Team 7’ ‘Tower Hamlet Community Champion 2021’ for its humanitarian work in the Covid-19 epidemics on 28.09.2021.
The chief guest was Tower Hamlet Speaker and Councilor Ahbab Hussain, special guest journalist and community personality Ahad Chowdhury Babu and many more. At this time, the guests highly praised ‘Team Seven’. They said Team Seven’s Abdul Basit Badshah, Enamul Haque Liton, AJ Limon, Babar Chowdhury, Lubek Chowdhury, Tasvir Chowdhury Shimul and Md. Sadek Ahmed have come forward to serve the people by risking their lives .

These 7 youngsters of ‘Team 7’, with their own funds, have delivered masks, sanitizers and essential medicines groceries to the homes of the victims. it is our duty to honor them for their hard work.

Team 7′ AJ Limon, Babar Chowdhury, Md. Sadek Ahmed, Shimul Chowdhury, Lubek Chowdhury, Enamul Hoque Liton, Abdul Basit Badsha were present during the reception of Tower Hamlets Community Champion 2021 award.

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